About Me

If we met on an elevator I’d say, I’m a life coach, yoga teacher and professional counselor (depending on the state we are in). If you met my friends, they’d say I have a big heart, gritty sense of humor, that I will always have your back and a deep, boarder line obsession with coffee.

I’m a lover of the desert, any large body of water, getting lost in the woods and good books, wellness and smoothies.

I was born and raised in the beautiful Great Lakes State of Michigan, but currently I am living in the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona with my husband and small fur child.

I’m in pursuit of the life I have always dreamed of having and I am not afraid of the investment of love, sweat and passion needed to create it.

Desiring change is more than just a wish and a dream, change is the result of 50% illumination and 50% action.




My mission to help is to help you create and design your life, through sustainable, practical practices. So whether we are in a yoga class, taking a hike, meeting in a coffee shop or sitting by a pond this is my goal for you, and I will be with you each step of the way.

If I have learned anything it is this, that life is not meant to be done alone. Coming together, sharing stories, listening and doing life together is our sangha, our community, our truth as human beings.

My clinical background is in crisis counseling, as well as in private practice counseling & coaching, working with individuals of all ages with depression & anxiety, facing life transitions, relationship issues and improving wellness. Working with those who were facing incredibly challenging times in their life, helped me to become especially skilled at guiding clients to finding their power and taking positive action to create change. 

I fiercely believe that our stories hold power and are the seeds of growth, transformation and change; and that we are all capable of finding our bliss.

I am so grateful that we've connected,

xo anndrea


Education & Trainings

MA Community Counseling with specialization in Wellness

200-hour RYT, Raja Yoga Lineage, Joyful Yoga

Certified Yoga Life Coach, Debbie Williamson

Certified SUP Yoga Teacher, Bliss Paddle Board

Yin Yoga Training, Joe Barnett

Transformational Meditation Teacher, Sherrie Wade, MA

Licenced Professional Counselor with the State of Michigan


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