"Anndrea has a gift for making yoga and meditation accessible for everyone. Whether you are just beginning or have a long time practice you will find gems of understanding and encouragement in her classes. She has a foundation in several different types/traditions of meditation to help you find the tools that work in your practice and a good understanding of alignment and modifications to create a yoga practice that feels good in your body." 

- Krista Nieto, Yoga Teacher and Business Owner

I took yoga classes with Anndrea at the beginning of her career and until she moved to Tucson. Anndrea has a gentleness about her approach that is very nurturing when in a yin or gentle style of yoga; in her more advanced classes she has a way of making you feel strong even when it seems impossible (like holding dolphin for more than 5 breaths!). Anndrea’s knowledge of yoga, allows her to weave the science and teachings behind it into her classes allowing you to experience something very special and unique. Anndrea’s life experiences allow her to be very empathetic to her students which an amazing trait in a Yoga Instructor. Losing Anndrea as a teacher in Traverse City has been devastating to many of her students, including me.  I can’t wait to make it to Tucson and take her classes again!   

- Lovingly signed, Erika Shenk-Tessin

Anndrea was always a delight for me.  She CARES about people and desires only the best for them.  When she was teaching yoga at the Blooming Lotus I was always excited about our time together.  She helped me with poses, took her time and led us slowly into the practice.  I was always comfortable with her gentle style of teaching.  I do remember as we progressed, Anndrea helped us into more challenging poses, but there was no concern about doing them right or wrong, she always made me feel I was just fine where I was. I enjoyed our conversations, laughter and time together.
If you get the opportunity to practice with Anndrea, you will enjoy your time.
Thanks, Anndrea for a small , but very nice part of your life.

- Much love,  Verta Odziana

I've always been impressed with Anndrea's ability to ground people. Simply being in her presence makes me feel calm, and taking a class with her is just the most wonderful treat. What a beautiful spirit!

-Temple Florip, Yoga Teacher and Studio Manager

Anndrea’s classes are soothing and comfortable. Rather than gimmicky stuff she guides the class with intuitive cues and approachable prose, and allows the class to breathe with her.

- Adrienne Gorlen, Counselor, Yogi and Owner of Sevaya Yoga & Oleagins